Thursday, 18 March 2010

It's been long.

It's been long since I last logged in.
Well, I think I better make my blog in English currently.
There are reasons for it, it's not on purpose.
Some of them are:
1. To improve my english
2. To improve my typing skill ( >:) watch out Afandi )

Maybe that's all. *lol*

I don't know who I am, What is my special if really the sentence "all humans have their own speciality(if the word is wrong, then, think it as > special + ability)" is true, then, why is my speciality?

I really eager to know cause I watch lot of my friends showing their speciality to others since I don't even know what is my speciality. Or am I? Is it just that I don't realize that I use my speciality everyday? Well, whatever that is, I wish to know my real speciality. :|